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Undergraduate Program - Department of Sociology

Sociology graduates will understand and demonstrate: 1) general knowledge of sociology; 2) research methods in sociology; 3) critical thinking skills; 4) application of sociology to pressing social issues; 5) sociological and professional values; 6) information technology; 7) communication skills; and 8) personal and career development.

The department offers course work leading to either a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in sociology or criminal justice. Additionally, a bachelor of science in Agriculture and Society (A&S) is offered.


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Student wins first place in research paper competition

An Iowa State University student was awarded first place in the research paper competition in this fall’s Midwest Criminal Justice Conference held in Chicago.

David Fountain, senior in political science and criminal justice, took home the first-place prize in this year’s competition for his paper on the Sixth Amendment’s right to counsel – specifically the right to effective assistance of counsel and the historic trends of the Supreme Court and its evolving interpretations of this right.

Three other ISU seniors also presented at the conference at the end of September: Mike Kaufmann, economics and kinesiology and health; Megan Culp, English; and Alexander Lindvall, political science. More


Criminal Justice Program

Criminal Justice Program Criminal Justice, Iowa State University The Criminal Justice major offers an opportunity for students to learn about the components of the juvenile and criminal justice systems, become acquainted with the issues affecting these systems, apply theoretical concepts to real-world phenomena, interface with criminal justice and social service provider practitioners, and plan an academic and/or applied career in criminology and criminal justice.

Our mission is to provide a broad liberal arts education for students with academic and applied careers in criminology and criminal justice. A rigorous liberal arts education is essential for careers in law, social services, and criminal justice. More

Sociology Program

Sociology Program Sociology Program, Iowa State University Sociology has a long and proud history at Iowa State University. One of the first courses on the subject offered in the United States was taught at Iowa State in 1880. Since then the department has grown into one of the nation's largest and most prestigious departments.

A major in sociology can serve as a preparation for you for various positions in the human service and related occupations in business and industry; as background for professional education in such areas as social work, law and theology; or as a basis for graduate professional training as a sociologist in academic, government, business or industrial settings. More

Agriculture & Society (A&S) Program

PSA Program, Iowa State University Ag and Society This undergraduate degree emphasizes the application of social science knowledge to issues related to agriculture and society. The interdisciplinary major draws largely on courses from sociology, political science and economics. Its goal is to prepare students to become leaders in addressing complex issues related to the social and human dimensions of agriculture at both the local and global level. Students will learn social science concepts and skills to understand, analyze and communicate complex ideas, information and data related to agricultural systems.

Internships are an important part of the A&S major. The curriculum offers the flexibility needed to accommodate the special interests and needs of each student. More