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Public Service in Administration in Agriculture

The interdisciplinary, four-year PSA program emphasizes the application of social science knowledge to agriculture and rural problems, and draws upon the expertise of faculty in sociology, economics and political science.

Students in the PSA program receive a broad-based education in communications, science, humanities, and the ethical, economic, and social aspects of agriculture. The major is built on core courses in sociology, economics and political science. In addition, students construct an individual concentration to uniquely market themselves once they graduate.

Internships are an important part of the PSA program. The curriculum offers the flexibility needed to accommodate the special interests and needs of each student.

Problem solving, communication, creative thinking and leadership skills are emphasized. These important skills will enable tomorrow's leaders to anticipate and direct change in the organizations and communities in which they work and live.

Student and Alumni Highlights

Kevin Roepke, USGC Director of Trade Development and Government Relations
The U.S. Grains Council is pleased to announce the promotion of Kevin Roepke to USGC director of trade development and government relations in the China office. He will make his official move to China shortly after the New Year. Roepke served as the Council's manager of global trade in the Washington, D.C. office since 2011...More

Austin Creswell, Emergency Services Specialist, American Red Cross
Creswell is the Emergency Services Specialist for Mohave and La Paz County in Arizona. His job is to build up the capacity of the area to prepare, respond and recover from disasters. He recruits and trains volunteers, arranges and attends outreach events, gives presentations to local groups, and even responds to local disasters. He also works with community partners such as the Salvation Army as well as government partners such as City Councils and County Emergency Management...More

Jenna Riediger, Interned as a Research Assistant, Iowa State University
When Jenna first came to Iowa State, she did not have the slightest clue as to what she wanted to major in. Jenna discussed her interests and goals with her freshman advisor and she suggested that Jenna look into the PSA major. She was really attracted to the fact that the PSA major covered three major components: sociology, economics, and political science. She was sold on PSA when she realized that those three areas were agriculture related. Jenna knew this major would help her have a better understanding of all the aspects that were a part of agriculture...More

In the News

sarah low

Sarah Low, PSA '02, was awarded the Superior Achievement Award for Early or Mid-Career Alumni, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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