Dr. Stephen Sapp • Professor

Stephen Sapp

BA, MA University of Florida
PhD Texas A&M University

320 East Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011
(515) 294-1403
FAX: (515) 294-2303
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Professor Sapp conducts research on consumer attitudes about food safety and nutrition and consumer acceptance of agricultural technologies. He studies food preferences in domestic and foreign markets. His areas of expertise are social psychology, risk analysis, and methods/statistics.

What's New with Dr. Sapp

Sapp, Stephen G., Charlie. Arnot, James. Fallon, Terry. Fleck, David. Soorholtz, Matt.Sutton-Vermeulen, and Janette J.H. Wilson.  2009.  Consumer Trust in the U.S. Food System: An Examination of the Recreancy Theorem.  Rural Sociology 74: (in press).

Korsching, Peter F., John C. Allen, Rebbeca Vogt, and Steven G. Sapp. 2008. "Community Leaders, Business Ownership, and Support of Entrepreneurship Development: The Role of Macroentrepreneurs." Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society (In press).

Sapp, Stephen G. and Chih-Yuan Weng.  2007.  Examination of the health belief model to predict the dietary quality and body mass of adults.  International Journalof Consumer Studies 29: 189–194.

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