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Dr. Cornelia Flora • Emeritus Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology, Iowa State University

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Cornelia Flora, Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University

BA University of California, Berkeley
MS, PhD Cornell University

1902 George Allen Ave, Ames, IA 50010
(515) 451-9636
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Cornelia Flora's research interests include international and domestic development, community, and the sociology of science and technology, particularly as related to agriculture and participatory change. Socio-technical regime change and capitals transformations (natural, cultural, human, social, political and financial/built capitals) guide her current research includes work on the community development, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, with particular attention to how class, gender, and ethnicity influence and are influenced by technology and policy. Current research on rural poverty includes action research with persistent poverty communities on the impact of investments by government and private foundations on community-driven holistic sustainability. Current research on sustainable natural resource management focuses on linking social indicators of context, process and impact to information on the threats to environmental quality. Current research on science, technology and community looks at the impact of broadband access on excluded communities..

What's New with Dr. Flora

Building Community Resilience to Climate Change: Testing the Adaptation Coalition Framework in Latin America

The Adaptation Coalition Toolkit: Building Community Resilience to Climate Change

F. David Bronkema and Cornelia Butler Flora. 2015. "Democratizing democracy as community development: insights from popular education in Latin America." Community Development

Learning from Native American Entrepreneurship - Powerpoint Presentation

Flora, C.B. 2011, "Good Food as a Social Movement."

Harvie, J., Ted Schettler, Lelie Mikkelsen, and Cornelia Flora. 2011, "Common Drivers, Common Solutions: Chronic Disease, Climate Change, Nutrition and Agriculture."

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