Franklin Halverson: The Drummer
Franklin Halverson: The Drummer.

Rural Social Issues

    What are the key concepts of sociology?
    What do sociologists do?
    What are key social issues facing rural America?
This unit begins with a review of key concepts used in sociology and an introduction to applied sociology. Next, we will discuss current social issues facing rural America. Then, we will evaluate these issues from the sociological perspective.

February 9 to March 7

Sociology in Practice Rural America Today Rural Population Rural Economy and Poverty Rural Elderly Rural Housing Rural Environment Rural Education Urban Sprawl Rural Crime Rural Health Animal Welfare Organic Agriculture Sustainable Agriculture Rural America: Overview

Summary of Key Issues Facing Rural America.

Exam Two

Exam Two is scheduled for Thursday, March 7. The help session for this exam is scheduled for Monday, March 6. We will meet at 5:00 on the first floor of East Hall.