Executive Summary: Iowans and Income on the Move 2007-2008

Migration Data Report

This report highlights the migration trends between Iowa and the rest of the United States for the years 2007-08.  IRS tax returns filed for the prior tax years were used to track the flow of income and population.
Between 2007-08, Iowa experienced a net loss of nearly 730 people and $240 million in personal income to other areas of the U.S. and internationally.  On a per capita basis this translates to a $330,000 income loss per out-migrant, meaning Iowa lost more income than people.

However, this loss is much smaller than in previous periods.  During the late 1990s and early 2000s Iowa lost substantial numbers of residents and income to other areas.  The largest loss occurred between 2001-02 when Iowa lost over 10,000 people and nearly $525 million (2008$) in personal income in a single year, translating into a real per capita income loss of $52,178 per out-migrant.  This indicates that Iowa is now losing more income than people than in previous periods.

Net Migration Gain/Loss

Iowa experienced net population gains from foreign countries (967), the Midwest (904), the Northeast (234), and the West (86).  Iowa had the largest net population gains from the counties of Rock Island IL, Cook IL (Chicago), Los Angles CA, Whiteside IL (Sterling), El Paso CO (Colorado Springs), and Winnebago IL (Rockford). 

Conversely, net population losses were to the other areas of the U.S. (-1,854 loss) and the South (-1,064 loss).  Iowa had the largest net per capita income losses to the counties of Hennepin MN (Minneapolis), Berrien MI (Niles Benton Harbor), Minnehaha SD (Sioux Falls), Maricopa AZ (Phoenix), Union SD (Sioux City), and Douglas NE (Omaha).

Net Population

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Iowa only experienced a modest net per capita income gain from the Northeast ($13,590 per person) and foreign countries ($6,340 per person).  The largest net income gains per person were from the counties of Dakota NE (Sioux City), Milwaukee WI, Duval FL (Jacksonville), Washington OR (Portland), Jackson MN, and Dane WI (Madison). 

On the other hand, Iowa had net per capita income losses to the West ($-253,000 per person), the Midwest ($-95,700 per person), the South ($-60,680 per person), and other areas of the U.S. ($-41,580 per person).  The largest net income losses per person were to the counties of Lee FL (Fort Myers), Douglas NE (Omaha), Lake IL (suburban Chicago), Larimer CO (Fort Collins), Wake NC (Raleigh), and Davidson TN (Nashville).

Net Per Capita Income

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Upon request, the Department of Sociology at Iowa State University
can run customized migration reports for each of Iowa’s counties

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