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Graduate Program - Department of Sociology

The graduate program in sociology provides award-winning education within three primary areas of research: 1) demographic change, crime, international migration, and economic development; 2) human dimensions of agriculture and natural resource management; and 3) race, gender, and class inequalities.  Additionally, the department offers excellent training in classical and contemporary theory and a wide variety of advanced methods and data analysis.

Graduate students in sociology develop the capability for original and creative research. Students engage in either independent or group research under the direction of faculty members. Preparation for the graduate degree is not confined to formal class work and activity on research projects. Students also work toward intellectual independence while developing an integrated grasp of the field. The integration of materials from courses and research activities is a primary goal of the M.S. thesis and the Ph.D. dissertation. The Department and the advisory committee share responsibility in guiding the student toward the graduate degree.

Program and Application Information:

Director of Graduate Education: Dr. Susan Stewart (
Application Contact: Rachel Burlingame
Program Location: 103 East Hall
Program Telephone: 515-294-2506
Program Fax: 515-294-8649
E-mail Address:

Sociology Graduate Admissions information

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Students in the News:

Ph.D. Candidate, LeAnn Cabage, was awarded the first place paper award at the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association Conference

An Iowa State University graduate student was awarded first place in the Graduate Student Paper Competition at the annual Midwestern Criminal Justice Association conference in Chicago. 

LeAnn Cabage, Sociology Ph.D. Candidate, was awarded the prestigious award with her paper, “Incarcerated Veterans, their Crimes, and Length of Sentence: A Comparison of State and Federal Inmates by Gender.” Read More Here 

Gay Men, Straight Women, and Queer Sexism

Andres Lazoro Lopez
Guest Blogger, Girl w/ Pen!

I remember thinking to myself when I first came out, “Thank God I don’t have to deal with women like straight men do.” Identifying as a gay man meant I could hold on to the aspects of relationships with women that I enjoy and not have to “deal with the rest.” I admit this is quite shameful for me to say so publicly. However, the more I pay attention, the more I realize how easy it is to be sexist as a gay man. I learned from Madonna that I knew what it felt like for a girl (here). Or so I thought. Because I had experienced homophobia at a young age and realized that being gay was a threat to manhood, I thought I understood sexism. It turns out, I understood more about homophobia and masculinity than sexism. Read More here